The right tools
for the job

We specialise in financial solutions for an extensive range of business equipment purchases. This includes (but is not limited to) automotive and transport, medical equipment, concrete pumps, energy and manufacturing equipment.


A timely investment in equipment can transform your business from start-up to take-off.

Your questions answered

Many machines make light work, and the perfect financing can secure the right tools for the job. We’ve secured the approvals for equipment in industries like transport, manufacturing, health, robotics, and logistics.

If you have the project in mind, talk to us about it and we’ll find the best possible course of action to take.


Everything considered

We'll deliver a strategy to align with your ambitions, for now and into the future.

Inquiry and investigation
  • Getting aligned through the detail
  • Establishing the goals for now and for later
  • Crafting a loan application that speaks volumes
Strategy and execution
  • Exercise our renowned due diligence and proactivity
  • Communicating between all parties for consistent progress
  • Share in the success of timely approvals
Monitoring and modification
  • We deal in transactions, but our relationships are anything but
  • Ensuring your new loan continually fits the bill
  • Helping you to secure another, for the next chapter

My experience with Monte Finance has only been positive from day one. George handled my equipment finance and Steve was fantastic on our mortgage. I found the process very simple as they had most of the information ready to go. It made my life easy.

Arianne Sackville | Bell & Bone

Tom Healey, our dedicated mortgage broker, was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He took the time to understand our financial situation and goals, providing us with multiple mortgage options that were tailored to our needs. His communication was exceptional, always keeping us informed throughout the application process.

Sarah & Tim

I have been dealing with George and the team for six years with my equipment finance requirements. They make the process simple and fast which allows me to focus on running my business.

Mike Coghlan | Walkers Hammers
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